2006 rav4 reliability

May 02, 2012 · At least there’s no question over the model’s superb reliability. 28. Toyota RAV4 MkII Overall rating: 86.43% Years of manufacture: 2006-2010 Previous results: 2007/NR 2008/NR 2009/10 2010/NR....

Sep 27, 2022 · In terms of repair severity, the RAV4 is also less likely to sustain serious issues as only 10% of its repairs are considered severe. In contrast, the average repair severity for compact SUVs is 11%, and 12% for all available vehicles. FEEL SECURE IN THE CAR YOU CHOOSE. Web. What to look for when buying a Toyota RAV4 2006 - 2012, covering common problems to check for and overall vehicle reliability..





Web. This said, the 2006 RAV4, the first model year of the previous generation, has been somewhat less reliable than subsequent model years (if still better than average). So the 2013 could be less reliable than the 2014+. Check Toyota RAV4 reliability. full 2013 Toyota RAV4 review: 2019.

$4,575 - $5,275 VIEW COMPARE Reliability We expect the 2023 RAV4 will be more reliable than the average new car. This prediction is based on data from 2020, 2021 and 2022 models. Overall.

If you own a 2006-2008 RAV4, keep checking your oil levels to make sure they’re in the normal range. Toyota RAV4 Issues: 6 Known Problems Toyota RAV4 boasts remarkable reliability and quality scores on multiple platforms. But even the best cars have their quirks. Let’s take a look at some common issues with the RAV4: Faulty Evaporative System.